Contribution Green Gas Grids project to development in biomethane markets


By giving a good outline of the opportunities, processes and solutions for the development of a biomethane market, the forerunner countries contributed to the success of the various national information days.

The exchange of knowledge was not limited to the GreenGasGrids project itself. Contact was also made with other EU-supported projects through, for example, the national information days. These contacts enhanced the international network even further, something that was reflected in the organisation of a joint final workshop of three EU projects – GreenGasGrids, BioMaster and Urban Biogas – on 11 March, 2014, in Brussels.

Finally, a further benefit to come from the project involves moves towards creating an EU market for biomethane. Thanks in part to the GreenGasGrids project, the development of a market for biomethane was accelerated in a number of countries. In the UK, France and Italy, for example, an incentive framework has been developed.
This should lead to the biomethane market in these countries getting off to a strong start.

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Project duration: 1 June 2011 – 31 May 2014 _ This Final Report has been created within the project GreenGasGrids supported by the Intelligent Energy – Europe programme (contract number IEE/10/235/S12.591589).